Embed? CPG Frits

Embed? CPG Frits

Biocomma team works closely with you in order to obtain best performance in diverse synthesizers and scenarios.?Typically, on receipt of your needs, a process goes as below:

Embed ?CPG Frits

Biocomma team works closely with you in order to obtain best performance in diverse synthesizers and scenarios. Typically, on receipt of your needs, a process goes as below:
1. Biocomma discusses NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with you.
2. You give us information about your synthesizer types and protocols,requirements such as the lengths and scales of desired oligonucleotides,as well as your original amount and loading values of CPG in each column.
3. Biocomma team makes free test samples according to your information in 1 to 2 weeks.
4. You will evaluate the test samples and give us feedbacks about the results.
5. Biocomma team modifies manufacturing of CPG frits until you obtain satisfactory performance.
6. After the specifications and prices are confirmed by you, Biocomma begins production scale manufacturing.

Price inquiry and large-volume discounts are welcome at any point during the process.
Solid supports: CPG, PS

Matrix materials: UHWM-PE, HDPE
Shapes & demensions: various shapes and demensions
Flow control: high, middle or low air resistance
Columns/plates: optional

Solid Supports

Biocomma provides both universal CPG and nucleosidic CPG. Available pore sizes are 500 ?, 1000 ?, and 3000 ?. For each pore size, standard loading (30-40 μmol/g) and high loading (80-90 μmol/g) can be chosen.

You can also provide your own CPG or other solid supports such as MPPS (microporous polystyrene).

Matrix Materials

You can choose UHWM-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) or HDPE (high density polyethylene) for sintering CPG frits. Nevertheless,CPG frits also can be sintered from other materials, such as PP (polypropylene) or PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride), depending on your specific needs.

Shapes & Dimensions

Embed ? frits come with all shapes and dimensions. For high-throughput applications, frits can be as small as 14 μL. For large-scale applications, the maximum volume is just limited to the reactors you use.

Flowrate Control

Flowrates are very important for automatic synthesizers. Based on Biocomma’s experience in developing miniature medical filters, we can fine-tune air resistance of frits to meet your flowrate requirements. Air resistance data are tested and recorded on COA for each batch.


Embed ? frits can be optionally pre-assembled in standalone columns or multi-well plates for out-of-box use. Columns and plates can be provided by Biocomma or customers.

Biocomma provides one free test sample suite for each customers.

Test suite 1: 5 nmol CPG frits
Test suite 2: 25 nmol CPG frits
Test suite 3: 100 nmol CPG frits
Test suite 4: 50 nmol CPG frits with high, middle and low air resistance Please tell us the type and size of the test samples you need.

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